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Whangamarino School

The 2022 School Year

Term 1

Tuesday 1st February – Friday 14th April (11 weeks)
Monday 7th February (Waitangi Day Observed)
Good Friday 15th April to Tuesday 19th April (Easter – during holidays)

Holidays Saturday 17th April – Sunday 2nd May

Term 2

Monday 2nd May – Friday 8th July (10 weeks)
Friday 3rd June (Teacher Only Day), Monday 6th June (Queens Birthday)
Friday 24th June (Matariki Day)

Holidays Saturday 9th July-Sunday 24th July

Term 3

Monday 25th July – Friday 30th September (10 weeks)
Friday 21st October (Teacher Only Day), Labour Day Monday 24th October)

Holidays: Saturday 1st October- Sunday 16th October

Term 4

Monday 17th October – Thursday 15th December (9 weeks)
Monday 24th October (Labour Day)



We have arranged to have a number of our development days on the Friday before a long weekend or to be held during the school holiday breaks at the beginning and end of the year to minimise disruption.

As a part of the new NZEI Teachers collective agreement, there are 8 days that will be used to support staff between 2020 and 2022. We will provide plenty of notice before we hold one of these days to ensure whānau are able to provide supervision for their children.


School Office Open 2022

Thursday 27th January 2022
Tuesday 1st February 2022 onwards


For more information on Schooldocs visit here.

* Username: whangamarino / Password: kaipono


For more information about charter click here.

Traffic Light System

For more information on the Traffic Light System click here.

Kia ora e te whanau

Orange Traffic Light System Information

How we stay safe at Orange

  • Use the COVID-19 tracer app and record where you have been
  • Wear face coverings
  • Physical distancing
  • Get vaccinated
  • If you are sick or feeling unwell, stay home.

All staff, support people and volunteers must be vaccinated

From 1 January 2022, only fully vaccinated staff, support people and volunteers can have contact with our tamariki. This applies at all settings of the CPF – Red, Orange and Green.

This applies to:

  • All kaiako and principal
  • All support staff in schools
    – teacher-aides
    – administration staff
    – maintenance staff
    – Contractors, bus and van drivers
    – parent or other volunteers.

For full guidelines see:

Distance Learning @ Whangamarino School

Online Learning Links

The following websites have activities or games that our tamariki can complete with or without parent, caregiver or whānau support. We always recommend that parents, caregivers and whānau view the content for themselves before allowing tamariki to use websites.

Alternative Learning Around Home

Here are some ideas of simple things you can do at home with your tamariki.

  • Participate in Manukura Challenges and post online.
  • How to tie your laces (you’d be surprised).
  • How to follow a recipe.
  • Make your own kai kart
  • How to plan a meal and a grocery list on a budget.
  • How to write a CV (resume).
  • How to look after the whare- vacuum, mow the lawn, do the recycling, budget and pay bills…
  • Spend time reading- libraries have an online app to get them digitally. Ask your tamaiti questions about what they are reading, read together, make predictions, discuss why characters behave the way they do.
  • Spend time writing- keep a journal, keep a gratitude list, write instructions for something, write an alternative ending to a favourite story or movie, write a story, keep a book of facts…
  • How to advocate for positive change – write a letter, create a petition for example.
  • How to maintain a vehicle- (tyre, oil).
  • Get physical- yoga, play catch, play frisbee, kick a ball around, online exercise programmes.
  • Build fine motor skills- draw, colour, knit, cross-stitch, sew, weave.
  • Exist without the internet for periods of the day!
  • Research things you’re interested in’.
  • Get them to do a science (STEM) challenge- build a tower, bridge just using newspaper or a boat out of random household materials.
  • Having time together, talking, playing card games and board games are also brilliant ways to use this hard time to connect.

School Information Booklet

For more information about school click here.

Skool Loop Information

Whangamarino School has introduced the ‘Skool Loop App’ which has been developed to meet increased parent-teacher demand for simple communication between school staff and whānau. The app is completely free to use for schools and parents, and is trusted by thousands of schools across New Zealand and Australia.

It features an easy-to-use interface and the latest in school communication technology, the Skool Loop app includes shared calendars, e-permission slips, notices, absentee reporting, parent teacher interviews and more.

Please download the Skool Loop app today.